Financial assistance for those living with Hepatitis C as a result
of NHS treatment using contaminated blood or tissue

The Caxton Foundation is a registered charity, number 1142529.  Caxton is directed by Caxton Trustee Limited (CTL), a company limited by guarantee, the board of which comprises those who would otherwise have been individual charity Trustees.  CTL is bound by Caxton’s Trust Deed, relevant parts of which are enshrined in its Articles of Association.

The Caxton board recently agreed its vision, mission and values for the organisation, which can be found here.

Information about individual board members can be found here.

You can contact the board by emailing them.

The board meets quarterly. Minutes of previous board meetings as well as the charity’s annual report and accounts can be found below:

Meeting minutes

Annual Report and Accounts

Partnership Group

In 2013, Caxton set up a Partnership Group as a forum to enable the organisation to get feedback from beneficiaries and share any changes or developments within the organisation with its beneficiaries.  Initially, Caxton met primarily with campaigners through this Group.  In the summer of 2014, we decided to broaden the membership of the Group so that it was more reflective of the Caxton beneficiary community as a whole.  We now have 4 primary beneficiaries, 2 widows/widowers, and 1 carer on the Group, as well as 3 campaign group members. 

The minutes of the Partnership Group meetings can be found below:

Board sign in

The Caxton Foundation    Alliance House    12 Caxton Street    London    SW1H 0QS
Registered Charity Number 1142529