Financial assistance for those living with Hepatitis C as a result
of NHS treatment using contaminated blood or tissue

The Caxton Foundation (Caxton) is a registered charity that was set up in 2011 by the British Government to provide financial and other assistance to individuals who have been infected with the Hepatitis C virus as a consequence of receiving NHS treatment using contaminated blood, blood products or tissue. Caxton is funded solely by the Department of Health but as a charity is run by a board independent of the Department.

Caxton provides a broad range of support to its beneficiaries, including through grants, winter fuel payments, and financial support whilst people undergo treatment for Hepatitis C, as well as by enabling people to access specialist benefits and debt/money management advice, and counselling.

To be eligible for support from the Caxton Foundation, you, or a close relative who has died, must have received a stage 1 payment from the Skipton Fund. If you believe you may be eligible for assistance from Caxton you can register with us here.


Arrangements for 2017/18

In July 2016 it was announced that a new single scheme administrator would be introduced to replace the existing organisations which provide support to people with HIV and Hepatitis C, including the Caxton Foundation.  The process for appointing the new administrator was due to start in November 2016 but this has been delayed. 

The Department of Health has now advised us that we will continue to provide support to people from 1 April 2017 onwards until there is a new administrator in place.

Update on Scheme Reform – Northern Ireland 20 January 2017 

On 22 December 2016, the Health Minister in Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, announced scheme reform on the same level as announced for England.  More information can be found at  The Alliance House organisations, including the Caxton Foundation will now be writing to those infected in Northern Ireland, and bereaved spouses and partners, regarding the new payments that have been announced.

Scheme Reform

During the course of 2016, the governments in England, Scotland and Wales have all announced changes to the system of support for those infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C as a result of contaminated blood, and their families.

In England, on 13 July 2016 the then Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, announced the government’s response to the consultation on contaminated blood which had been held between January and April 2016.  A copy of the response and the changes can be found by following this link:

In Scotland, on 18 March 2016 the Scottish Government announced changes to the level of support that it would be providing to those whose infection occurred in Scotland.  More information can be found by following this link:

In Wales, the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-Being & Sport published a written statement announcing that for 2016/17, the Welsh government would, as an interim measure, adopt the same new level of payments as those announced for England.  The government would also be consulting those infected in Wales regarding any changes they would like to see to payments.  More information can be found by following this link:

In Northern Ireland no announcement regarding changes has been made.  Payments will therefore continue to be made at existing levels until further notice.

Changes to payments

The Skipton Fund, which makes payments to those with infected with Hepatitis C, and MFET, which makes payments to those infected with HIV, have been asked to implement some of the new and enhanced payments in England, Scotland and Wales during 2016/17.

For England and Wales this involves:

  • Making the new annual payment of £3,500 to those who have previously received only a Skipton Stage 1 lump sum payment
  • Making the increased annual payment to those with HIV and at Skipton Stage 2
  • Making the £10,000 lump sum payment to eligible bereaved spouses and partners

For Scotland this involves:

  • Making the additional lump sum payments to those at Skipton Stage 1
  • Making the increased annual payment to those with HIV and at Skipton Stage 2

The team at Alliance House, which the Skipton Fund and MFET are part of, have been asked to make these new and enhanced payments this year in addition to all existing work.  As the team is small, we cannot make all the payments simultaneously.  We will therefore be writing to the groups affected in stages, starting with those at Skipton Stage 1, followed by those with HIV and at Skipton Stage 2, and then the bereaved spouses/partners. 

The Skipton Fund and MFET will write to everyone affected by the changes individually, giving further information about payments and timescales, and any further information required.  We would ask that if you have any questions regarding the new payments that you wait for your letter before contacting the office.

Country of infection

Because different levels of payments are now in place for the four UK countries, the country in which a person was infected is important information.  When we write to everyone about the new or enhanced payments, we will confirm the country to which they have been allocated, based on the data we hold.  For applicants where there is reference to treatment in more than one country of the UK, we have been asked to assign the applicant to the country of residence at the time of their registration.

Once you have received your letter from us, if you believe you have not been allocated to the country in which your infection occurred, you can appeal the decision to the relevant government.  The following document provides further information on how to appeal: Appeals 

Payments for the bereaved

The Caxton Foundation, the Macfarlane Trust and the Eileen Trust will be writing to bereaved spouses and partners (of those who were infected in England and Wales) who are registered with the charities regarding the new payments.  Further information about the payments for England can be found here, and information about the payments for Wales here.

Winter fuel payments

As a result of the increased regular payments being made by the Skipton Fund in England, Scotland and Wales, at the request of the respective governments, there are changes to the Caxton winter fuel payment for 2016/17.

In previous years, Caxton has made a winter fuel payment to all primary beneficiaries and to bereaved spouses/partners who are registered with us.  This year, Caxton will make a £500 winter fuel payment to primary beneficiaries who were infected in Northern Ireland, and to primary beneficiaries infected in Scotland who have received a Stage 1 Skipton Fund payment only.  Caxton will also make a £500 winter fuel payment to the bereaved spouses/partners in all four UK countries.  The new regular payments for those at Skipton Stage 1 and Stage 2 for those infected in England and Wales, and the increased regular payments for those infected in Scotland, all incorporate the £500 winter fuel payment.

All those eligible to receive a winter fuel payment from Caxton in 2016/17 have been written to, asking them to complete a form confirming bank details to ensure that payments are made to the correct account. Payments will be made to those who return their forms within the timeframe given by the end of December 2016.


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