Financial assistance for those living with Hepatitis C as a result
of NHS treatment using contaminated blood or tissue

If you, or a relative who has died, are registered with the Skipton Fund you may be eligible for assistance from the Caxton Foundation.
Please note that if you are a registered beneficiary of either the Macfarlane or Eileen Trusts you will not be eligible to apply for discretionary support from the Caxton Foundation but will continue to be eligible to apply for support from those Trusts depending on which one you are registered with.

Please enter your details into the form opposite. If you are the relative of someone who has died please provide your details and enter the name and registration number of the deceased person on the form.

In order to process your registration, the Caxton Foundation will need to obtain your information from the Skipton Fund. There is a section of the form asking for your consent for this. Regrettably we will be unable to process your registration without this consent.

Once the form has been submitted we should then have all the information we need and will contact you about your registration shortly thereafter.

Register for the Caxton Foundation
Your name
Skipton Fund registration number of the infected person (please contact the Skipton Fund if not known)
Are you:
the infected person
relative of the infected person
carer of the infected person
relative of a deceased person
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
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House number/name
Postal code
Telephone number
Email address
Repeat email
By selecting this box you consent for your personal information to be shared between the Skipton Fund and the Caxton Foundation. If you are not the person infected they will first need to register (if the infected person is deceased this does not apply). Your details will not be disclosed to any other organisation and will be used for the express purpose of the administration of the Caxton Foundation
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