Financial assistance for those living with Hepatitis C as a result
of NHS treatment using contaminated blood or tissue



Other support


Areas of support

Caxton has been set up to meet any charitable need of its beneficiaries.  In terms of financial support, grants are the most significant way in which the Caxton Foundation supports its beneficiaries.  The key areas in which grant support is given are as follows:

  • financial support whilst people undergo treatment for Hepatitis C to ensure that the prospect of loss of earnings and additional costs associated with the treatment, such as travel and additional costs associated with dietary requirements, do not deter people from opting for treatment
  • respite breaks for those with Hepatitis C and their spouses/partners/carers (see below)
  • health and mobility-related repairs and adaptations to people’s homes
  • support with debt and money management, including referrals to a specialist debt counsellor and benefits adviser
  • financial assistance with the purchase of essential household items
  • support with vehicle repair costs to ensure people can retain their mobility and independence
  • financial support to enable people to undergo re-training

Some grant applications can be processed through the staff team; other requests, usually those of a higher cost, are considered by the National Welfare Committee (NWC).

The NWC is a subcommittee of the Board.  It meets approximately every 6 weeks to consider grant applications. The NWC dates are as follows:

  • 5 June 2017
  • 13 July 2017
  • 24 August 2017
  • 27 October 2017

Application process

As a charity, Caxton is required to be able to demonstrate “charitable need” and as such consider whether someone applying for a grant has the ability to fund it from their own resources.  This is why details of income and expenditure are required when grant requests are being considered.

If a grant request is being made for the first time, applicants will need to complete a grant application form, and will need to provide copies of proof of income.  You, or a close relative who has died, must be, or must have been, registered with the Skipton Fund.  You must also register with us.

All requests should be made in writing, detailing the reasons why it is needed, and should be accompanied by any relevant information, including: 

  • supporting letter from your clinician  - for applications relating to financial assistance whilst undergoing treatment, respite breaks, home adaptations
  • two quotes for work or items being requested  - for respite breaks, home adaptations and property repairs, household items, vehicle maintenance, educational courses

Information for grant applications needs to be received in the office no later than 10 working days in advance of the NWC meeting, otherwise it will not be considered until the following meeting.  However, provisions are in place for emergency applications to be considered, and if you believe your case is an emergency, please contact the Welfare Team on 020 7808 1174.

We aim to make a decision on grant requests being considered by NWC on average within 13 working days of all the required information having been received.  For grants being considered under Office Guidelines, we aim to make a decision on average within 4 working days of receipt of all the necessary information.

Once the NWC has made its decision, applicants will usually be notified in writing of the outcome within 5 working days after the meeting.  Beneficiaries can choose to have their grants paid direct to themselves, in which case we will ask you to complete a Grant Acceptance Form.  If you would prefer, we can also pay suppliers/contractors (eg plumbers, builders) direct, or we can provide vouchers for a number of different high street stores (eg for white goods, clothing).

Support for people undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C

The Caxton Foundation also provides financial support to people undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C, as we do not wish financial considerations to be a deterrent from seeking treatment.

We take into account beneficiaries’ loss of income over the treatment period, as well as additional costs that may be incurred for travel and additional dietary requirements.  We will ask you to provide information regarding these 3 elements as part of your application.

Respite/Convalescence breaks

Caxton can consider grants towards respite or convalescence breaks for beneficiaries following a period of ill health or following treatment. Cases can be considered upon receipt of a completed Grant Application form, two quotes showing the costs of the break and a medical letter supporting the application.  Grants, if awarded, are for travel and accommodation; Caxton does not provide financial assistance towards ‘spending money’.

Caxton will consider respite breaks within the UK and abroad, although it is unlikely that breaks involving long haul flights will be considered as respite. Likewise breaks of more than 1 week are unlikely to be considered.

Caxton does not award grants for holidays and cannot guarantee financial assistance for a respite break on a repeat annual basis.

Office Guidelines grants

Office Guidelines enable staff to process requests for support for basic items up to limits agreed by the Board.  This means that straightforward requests for routine items can be approved quickly without recourse to the NWC. 

The financial limits in the Office Guidelines are indicators for staff.  They are not maximum grant amounts, as NWC has the ability to consider requests on a case by case basis for larger amounts than can be approved by staff.  We do not publish the financial limits which are in the Office Guidelines as these could be misleading, given that they are not overall limits.  The financial limits in the Office Guidelines are kept under review by NWC.

Retrospective grants

We will not normally award retrospective grants, that is grants for purchases that have already been made, as it is harder to establish charitable need for something that has already been purchased.  In the early stages after Caxton was established, some retrospective grants were made in recognition of the fact that people were just starting to learn of Caxton’s existence.  Now, however, retrospective grants will only be made where an expense or purchase is so urgent or necessary that it cannot wait, eg funeral costs.  Such requests will be considered by the NWC.  If you believe your case is an emergency, please contact the Welfare Team on 020 7808 1174.

Guidelines in awarding grants

The funding which Caxton receives from Government each year is limited.  In seeking to meet the needs of as many beneficiaries as possible, Caxton has therefore had to establish certain guidelines:

  • It cannot be a substitute for statutory provision such as benefits or free health care:  if someone is eligible for these, Caxton will not provide funding in their place.  Therefore, in the majority of cases we would be unlikely to fund private health care where treatment could be obtained free from the NHS, or fund private dental care where someone is not entitled to free NHS dentistry.
  • It seeks to treat beneficiaries with equity and fairness, ie it will not do something for one person that it could not do for another in similar circumstances.  In this context:
  • It will make grants to fund the average cost of household items such as washing machines, tumble dryers, three piece suites etc, or make contributions only to other costs, which may be less than requested, so that it is in a position to fund these things for as many people as need them.
  • It will only fund funeral plans for primary beneficiaries who are in receipt of Skipton Stage 2 payments.  However, it makes grants to support funeral expenses for other beneficiaries at the time of a bereavement.
  • Caxton does not receive enough funding to support beneficiaries to maintain what might previously have been a higher standard of living.  Where a beneficiary makes repeated requests for financial support, and it is clear that household income and expenditure are out of balance, we will recommend a referral to a money management adviser, and any further support is likely to be conditional upon accepting the referral and acting on the adviser’s recommendations to bring household expenditure into line with income.
  • It cannot provide funding to write off mortgage/endowment shortfalls.  These usually involve significant sums of money, and Caxton does not receive adequate funding to be able to offer this type of support equitably to its beneficiary community.
  • Caxton cannot offer loans to beneficiaries.


If an applicant is unhappy with the outcome of their application, an appeal may be made.  Applicants must do this within 3 months of the decision and must provide new/additional information to support their appeal.  This new/additional information will then be considered by the NWC. 

If the NWC declines the application for a second time, the applicant may again appeal.  This must be done within 3 months of the second NWC decision to decline the application and further new/additional information must be submitted.  The second appeal will be considered by the full Board.  NWC members will be able to speak during the appeal discussion, eg to answer any questions, but may not vote.  A majority of non-NWC Board members in favour of overturning the original decisions will be required for the appeal to be upheld.  If the original NWC decisions are upheld, the applicant will have no further right of appeal.


Winter fuel payments

As a result of the increased regular payments being made by the Skipton Fund in England, Scotland and Wales, at the request of the respective governments, there are changes to the Caxton winter fuel payment for 2016/17.

In previous years, Caxton has made a winter fuel payment to all primary beneficiaries and to bereaved spouses/partners who are registered with us.  This year, Caxton will make a £500 winter fuel payment to primary beneficiaries who were infected in Northern Ireland, and to primary beneficiaries infected in Scotland who have received a Stage 1 Skipton Fund payment only.  Caxton will also make a £500 winter fuel payment to the bereaved spouses/partners in all four UK countries.  The new regular payments for those at Skipton Stage 1 and Stage 2 for those infected in England and Wales, and the increased regular payments for those infected in Scotland, all incorporate the £500 winter fuel payment.

All those eligible to receive a winter fuel payment from Caxton in 2016/17 have been written to, asking them to complete a form confirming bank details to ensure that payments are made to the correct account. Payments will be made to those who return their forms within the timeframe given by the end of December 2016.

Benefits Advice

The Caxton Foundation is able to refer beneficiaries to a specialist Benefits Adviser, who can advise on a wide range of benefits-related issues.  This service is free to Caxton beneficiaries.  If you would like assistance in this way, please contact the Welfare Team on 020 7808 1174 to discuss a referral.

Advice on debt and money management

We are also able to refer beneficiaries to a specialist adviser on debt and money management issues.  This service is free to Caxton beneficiaries.  If you would like assistance in this way, please contact the Welfare Team on 020 7808 1174 to discuss a referral.

If you are requesting support with debt, we will always recommend a referral to the money management adviser.  The adviser’s report will then be taken into account when the NWC is deciding what financial assistance can be given in relation to debts.  You may wish to use another source of advice about your debts (eg Citizens Advice Bureau).  If you do this, NWC would wish to be advised of the recommendations that this adviser has made to you when it is considering your request for support. Please note that Caxton cannot provide support for debt owed to family members or friends. This is because of the absence of any formal legal documents confirming the terms and amounts of such loans, which means it is not possible to confirm the validity of the debt.


Caxton may be able to provide a one off grants towards counselling, if support is not available through your GP or local NHS trust or if you are on a waiting list for counselling through the NHS. If you would like to apply for a  grant towards counselling please contact the Welfare Team on 020 7808 1174 to request a grant application form.

 You may also find it useful to speak to the Hepatitis C Trust. The Hepatitis C Trust run a range of support services for those with hepatitis C and their families. This includes a confidential help line which provides peer led support around all aspects of hepatitis C. For more information visit: . If you are looking for counselling, they can also support you in finding local counsellors in your area. The Hepatitis C Trust helpline: 0845 223 4424 or 0207 089 6221 (open 10:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday) or by email –

Prescription Pre Payment Certificate

The Department of Health has a scheme to enable primary beneficiaries to claim a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate through the Skipton Fund if they are not otherwise exempt from prescription charges. The cards cover the cost of prescription charges. Two forms need to be completed by those who are applying for a PPC.  To apply you must complete the Skipton Fund prescription pre-payment certificate application form along with a FP95 form and both forms will need to be returned to the Skipton Fund office. Both forms can be printed from the payments section of the Skipton Fund’s website or you can contact the Skipton Fund office to request them through the post. On receipt of the completed forms, applications will be sent for processing and the PPC will be sent directly to you by the NHS Business services Authority.

To find out more and download the forms visit the Skipton website here



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