Financial assistance for those living with Hepatitis C as a result
of NHS treatment using contaminated blood or tissue

Means-tested benefits waiver

Payments from the Caxton Foundation are not to be taken into account when applying for or in assessing means-tested benefits. You do not need to declare Caxton Foundation payments when applying for these benefits. If you are questioned about these payments, please refer the enquirer to part 17 of the following document:

PDF: Universal Credit: capital and income


The Welfare Reform Bill – Benefits Disregard

We have responded to the above and the need to make sure that the “benefits disregards” across disbursements made by the five organisations operating from Alliance House are not lost in the upcoming Welfare Reform Bill. You will see here a joint letter from the Chairmen of the five organisations in this respect. When we receive a response from the Minister and, we anticipate her assurances, they will be posted on each website.

PDF: Alliance House letter to Minister

Please also find below, in reply, a letter of assurance from Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform, stating that the disregards that are currently in place for disbursements from all of the Alliance Group bodies, including The Caxton Foundation, will be carried forward during the creation of the new system under the Welfare Reform Bill.

PDF: Letter of assurance regarding Welfare Reform and benefit disregards


Draft Statutory Instrument 2013 - Benefits Disregard - The Welfare Reform Bill 

Part 17 of this illustrative draft - "Special Schemes for Compensation, etc"- refers to circumstances: "where a claimant receives a payment [...] from a scheme approved by the Secretary of State or from a trust established with funds provided by the Secretary of State for the purpose of providing compensation or support in respect of [...] (iv) infection from contaminated blood products". It goes on: "(2)Any such payment, if it is capital, is to be disregarded from the calculation of the claimant's capital and, if it is income, is to be disregarded from the calculation of the claimant's income."

It is likely that the term compensation will be substituted as far as the "infection with contaminated blood products" is concerned. Can I suggest you keep a reference note of this draft SI as I am quite sure desk officials in the BA offices will not be aware of its existence.

PDF: Universal Credit: capital and income (Draft Statutory Instrument – see part 17)

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